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About Us

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Black Diamond Stone is a stone countertop fabricator, specializing in marble, granite and quartz surfaces. We do anything from tabletops and counters to shower surrounds and thresholds. Because of our size, we can offer one on one assistance to our customers and unparalleled service. All of us at Black Diamond Stone can speak English, Portuguese or Spanish to better serve our clients.
  • Do the prices provided include both material and installation?
    Yes. The prices we provide include the cost of materials and installation based on the initial design you have submitted. We will also mount the sink and drop in the cook top at no extra charge. The price does not include plumbing or electrical connections or disconnections. Demolition and sub top costs may be shown as a separate line item and can be performed by Black Diamond Stone or your own contractor.
  • Are there any extra fees?
    No. Since our pricing is based on initial measurements sent by our customers, the only variable would be at the time of final measurement of your project. Should our Project Manager find a substantial difference in square footage from the original design, we will prepare a change order for your approval before proceeding. Naturally, any changes to the original design will require new price calculations.
  • How long does it take?
    From the time of the template to the installation, it takes from 7-10 business days. Other factors such as stone delays or special orders may delay your project.
  • How does the process work?
    First, you need measurements. If you have a drawing of your project you can send it to us by fax, email or bring it personally to our shop. If you don't, we can come by the job site free of charge and measure it for you. We can then give you pricing based on the measurements and the stone of your choice. You can pick a stone from our yard or we can direct you to a stone warehouse. Second, we schedule a template of the job. This is what will guide our fabricators when cutting the stone. At this time we require a 50% deposit to schedule your installation and secure the stone. During template, your counters should be free of objects so as to allow ample space for our templaters to work. At this point you should have your sink, faucets, cooktops, stove or anything that would make a difference when cutting the stone. Third, installation. We would schedule the installation at a time that's convenient to you, and install your new surface. We will also mount the sink and drop in the cooktop, if any. At this time you will receive a complimentary sealing treatment and we'll collect the final payment.
  • Is there a warranty?
    Yes. We offer a free standard warranty on counter tops installations for sixty days, or an extended warranty for both stone and installation for 15 yrs for a fee. All other materials, such as sinks and accessories will have their own manufacturing warranty which will be supplied to you upon request. Natural imperfections of the stone, physical abuse, liquid or food stains and chemical damage are excluded.
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